Legends, Icons & Rebels

When you love music you can’t help but be awestruck by the people who create those otherworldly sounds. Even if you’vea had the good fortune to spend your life working with talented musicians and know their very human, personal stories, you never lose that awe for them and their music.

In Legends, Icons & Rebels, Grammy Award winner Robbie Robertson and music industry veterans Jim Guerinot, Sebastian Robertson, and Jared Levine pay tribute to twenty-seven extraordinary artists whose innovations changed the musical landscape for the generations to come. Rock and roll legends Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley, reggae originator Bob Marley, jazz greats Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday, folk icons Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, country stars Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline, and soul sensations Aretha Franklin and James Brown are just a few of the featured musicians. Find out the real-life stories behind these legendary artists — the surprising challenges they faced, the musical influences that shaped them, and the power of their music to inspire other artists, touch listeners, and shine a light on social injustice.

Pore over the stunning portraits from internationally renowned illustrators. Listen to the rebels and risk-takers on the enclosed CDs. Explore more of their brilliant recordings on the playlists recommended by the authors. Embrace how the music makes you feel and let it lead you to new discoveries. You never know where your musical journey will take you.